Dear Anonymous (Blogtember: Day 19)

Today is the second to last day of Blogtember, with Monday being the final day.  I can't believe that September is almost over already!  Geez! I will be busy this weekend preparing Monday's post and lining up my October blog calendar for sure!

Today's prompt was to write an anonymous letter to someone on our Facebook and we could be as snarky as we wanted.....

Um, well....I think that's kind of hypocritical, and well, rude.

I believe in a lot of things, two of those being: 

1.  If you have something to say, say it to the persons face.
2.  It's nice to be nice.

I am not a normal girl.  I am not snarky, catty, or generally bitchy on a regular basis.  I can be if you push me to that point, but I don't go walking around like the sun rises and sets for me only. 

With that being said, I will not be writing a snarky, anonymous letter.

Instead, I will be writing a hopeful one...

Dear Anonymous:

I've known you for a long time.  We aren't close, but we are friends on Facebook because we have something in common.  

I see your posts.  I see you post about your struggles, how much of a failure at life you think you are, and how you sometimes pray at night that it was just all over.

I see how you declare you have one, and only one, thing to live for on Facebook.  That one thing is your heart and soul, the sunshine in your day, and the reason you wake up each day, even though I'm sure some days you wish it was over.  

I don't judge you for your choices.  I don't ridicule you for your actions.  You are a human being-we all make mistakes.  That is part of life. 

I'm telling you to take those mistakes and use them as learning tools.  You can rise above your current situation.  You will rise above it because you are trying so hard to make a better life for yourself.  You can do this!  Just put one foot in front of the other and walk, slowly and steadily.  

If it is one thing I have learned, it is that slow, deliberate steps in life are the key to making it out onto the other side.  You can't race through life.  You have to make careful choices and decisions when first starting out, but after awhile, you will be in the pattern of only making good choices, and it will all even out. 

You will see your life change.  

I know you want your life to change.

It will.

Have faith.

One foot in front of the other, eyes clear and focused, and heart wide open.

Your life will get better.

With Love,


  1. I love how you made this hopeful and inspirational. It's beautiful.

    1. Thank you Marielle. :) I believe in what you put out into the world comes back to you three fold. I always try to take the high road. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Sara I really like what you did with this post as well. I too tried to stay away from talking badly about others. At first, I thought about doing what you did write to someone, But I just couldn't do it at this time. maybe another day I will have that courage. I really like your writing and am now following you! :)


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