Nine Questions (Blogtember: Day 13)'m cheating today.

I chose my own prompt for today for the Blogtember series.  I wasn't feeling the original prompt, honestly.  My creative juices are slowly coming back, but not enough to sit down and type out a short story from scratch.  I just can't do it.

So, instead, I was browsing around blogs for inspiration and Bethany from In This Crazy Life had a post answering nine different questions.  I thought it seemed like fun, so, here we go!

1.  What is in your car's glove box?

Um, the manual, insurance card, probably a pair of sunglasses, tire pressure gauge (Dad never lets me not have one), and some scheduled service receipts. 

2.  You just got a mani/pedi.  Do the colors have to match?

Depends.  If people will see my toes because it is flip-flop weather, then yes, they have to match.
If it is not flip-flop weather, then no.

3.  If someone walking down the street in front of you had their underwear showing, would you tell them?

Depends.  Do I know them?  If I do, then yes.  If I don't, it isn't going to be me that tells them.

4.  What is the name of the very first CD you purchased?

Haha!  Some people are gonna *flip* when they find this out!

Sublime (Self-Titled) 

5.  Finish this ridiculously overused saying..."Keep Calm and..."

6.  Have you ever covered your hands in Elmer's glue, stuck them together, waited for them to dry then peeled off your "skin"?

Yes. In like the first grade.

7.  Charles in Charge or Doogie Houser?

Doogie, because I have never seen an episode of Charles in Charge. 

8.  What is one thing you never wore/done/ate but you would like to?

Oh geez, wow.  I would love to ride a horse, bareback, on the beach somewhere.  
I do believe that may be the romantic in me coming out.

9.   If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?



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