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Happy first day of Fall everyone!  I do have a fall-themed post planned for this week, but today I wanted to remind you all of my giveaway and my online party I've got going on this week.

If you read my post a little over a week ago, you know that I've become a bit Paparazzi obsessed this month.  I mean, how can you not be curious about quality jewelry for $5?  Paparazzi believes that all women should have access to fashionable and affordable jewelry.  It is all nickle-free so you don't have to worry about breaking out while you are wearing it.  They have looks that are great for the work place, date night, girls' night out, and even those weekend looks of yours.

Need to know more?  Come join my Facebook party to get even more details about Paparazzi AND have a chance to possibly win MORE free items on Friday, September 26th at 7pm CST.  

And, if you haven't yet, you need to enter the giveaway.  It ends TONIGHT at 11:59 PM CST.

Want to join the party?
Click here to join!

Hope to see you all Friday night!

Fall Makeup Favorites

Do you guys remember me talking about e.l.f products before? I just love e.l.f makeup! They offer a variety of budget-friendly options for us ladies who love to save a dime everywhere we go. Their face primer and the mist and set they carry are my two favorite products, but I am always searching their shelves in the store or online for yet another favorite.

When I was browsing the interwebs the other night, I decided to head on over to e.l.f's website and see what I could see. That's when I got this great idea to tell you all about some of my e.l.f favorites for fall! I do major makeup shopping twice a year-once in the spring for spring/summer skin and then again in the fall for fall/winter skin. Unless you use a self-tanner or tan in a tanning bed, you're going to get pasty in the fall and winter, therefore, your foundation color is probably going to change.  Also, spring and fall are when they have the best sales, duh!  Speaking of which, e.l.f is currently having a 50% off sale on select products, so be sure to head on over and get you some great products on the cheap!



You just cant go wrong with the pricing on e.l.f products.  What I love to tell people is that e.l.f is good makeup to not only use continuously, but to use to try stuff out.  Not sure about how to do that fancy eyeshadow you see on Pinterest?  Buy an eyeshadow set for $1 from e.l.f and practice!  Got a pre-teen who wants to experiment with makeup?  Take her to Target and let her browse the e.l.f section.  You won't break the bank when you buy her that first starter kit.

That ends today's post!  If you haven't had a chance to enter the giveaway I have going on, you can do that below!  You don't want to miss out on your chance to win some jewelry! Also, I am wrapping up some last minute details on the party that will be happening later this month.  I will have those details to all of you as soon as I have them! 

Click here to enter!

Paparazzi Party & #Giveaway

Have you heard of Paparazzi Jewelry?  I have had the pleasure of buying some jewelry from this company twice and have been pleased both times with my purchases.  Oh, did I mention the stuff is only $5?  Yup-$5!  You can't beat that, can you?

Paparazzi believes that all women everywhere should have access to affordable and fashionable accessories.  This is why their prices are so low!  All of their items are nickle-free and they are great for all you sensitive-skinned ladies out there. (I'm one, too!) Paparazzi Jewelry offers necklace and earring sets, earrings, bracelets, rings, headbands, and hair clips.  There's something for everyone at Paparazzi! 

left || right 
After the last online party I attended through a friend on Facebook, I decided that it was time to have my own online party.  I had so much fun browsing through the items that were posted in the event I attended.  It's a very easy and no-pressure way to shop.  Melissa, our consultant who will be helping us get our style on, is so fun and easy to work with.  You all will love her!

left || middle || right
Yes, that's right!  YOU are going to be invited to MY online Paparazzi party on September 26th!  (Don't worry-I won't let you forget to RSVP!)  The closer it gets to the party going live, I will start taking sign ups to join my party.  If doing a Facebook event isn't your thing, you will also be able to shop my party online from Melissa's Paparazzi's website. 

In the meantime, I have a giveaway you can enter for your chance to win this necklace and earring set from Paparazzi!

So, here's the recap:

  • Paparazzi Jewelry is fun, fashionable, and affordable.
  • I am having an online party on September 26th that will not only be full of awesome pieces to buy on the cheap, but you could also have the opportunity to win FREE stuff!
  • I'm giving away the necklace/earring set above to one lucky reader, so enter for your chance to win TODAY!
  • Watch for coming announcements in the next week or so on how to register for the online party!
The giveaway runs from Thursday, September 11 through Tuesday, September 23.  A winner will be chosen and announced on September 26 during the online Paparazzi party! 

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