What's in my Make-Up Bag?

I had so much fun doing the post on my fave beauty products, that I decided to do one on my make-up bag!

Now, my make-up bag is nothing to write home about.  I have worn make-up since I was a teenager, but I always just kept it minimal up until, well, recently.  I just figured out eyeliner last year if that tells you anything.  I do, however, like to try new things and am always looking for ways to enhance (okay, and cover up, too) my face.

As I have gotten older, and especially after L was born, the skin on my face has changed.  I have to use under eye cream (which I am still trying to find the best one) and a moisturizer (still looking on that too) on my face?  What?  My make-up bag is getting fuller by the month with all the "extras" that I have to put on my face before I even get to apply foundation.

With that being said, my make-up is not from Sephora, it's from Wal-Mart, Target, or e.l.f. I have found that I can get comparable high-end products at these three places and spend less.  I'm all about saving money and still looking fabulous, so...

1.  Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara || I got this for free through Influenster a few months back and really love it.  It's easy to put on and doesn't clump or flake.  I'm super picky about my mascara.  I need it to feel like I don't have anything on and I hate clumps.  I want a flawless application every time with minimal effort.  This does that.

2.  NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder ||  I usually pick this up at Wal-Mart and it is my finishing powder.  I lightly dust this all over my face then spray my makeup mist and set from e.l.f. to complete my look.  I like this powder because it's light and I buy the translucent so I don't have any extra (read: unwanted) color on my face.  

3.  Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner  || Being a beginner in the eyeliner world, I wanted something that would basically put itself on.  This does that.  It's very soft and it's a twist-up stick, so no messy sharpening.  It glides on and is great for tight lining.

4.  Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad || I have this in the Mocha Mauve (which is great for all your blue eyed ladies) and I have also used this in the Romantic Mauve (also good for the blue eyes).  These are pretty simple and straightforward: you get four colors to make a look.  This is quality eye shadow that doesn't rub off (especially if you use an eye lid primer before applying) and it doesn't crease.  

5.  Cover Girl Invisible Concealer || I use this for everything-from under eye to covering up red spots on my face.  I just dab it on with the applicator, blend with my foundation brush, then add my foundation.  Works every time!

6.  e.l.f Make-Up Mist & Set || I will admit I was unsure about this stuff when I bought it, but I was quickly corrected.  This sets your make-up, and ladies, it ain't coming off until you wash your face that night.  When you spray it on, it's like a refreshing mist on your face.  It kind of de-stresses me after going through all the rigmarole of putting my face on. It also has cucumber in it, which is good for your skin.  

7.  Cover Girl Cheekers Blush || This is the only make-up product that I haven't changed since I started using make-up in high school.  I have always used this blush in Natural Twinkle.  It's the perfect light pink with a slight brown undertone that doesn't make me look like I've had my cheeks pinched for three hours straight.  (I'm not a bright blush fan, canyatell?) 

8.  Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation || I've been using this for about a year and this is the best coverage I've had in a foundation so far.  I don't look cake-y when I apply it and it works well with the rest of my make-up.  It also has a nice fruity smell, if you can believe that.  This is probably the most expensive thing I buy make-up wise at about 8 bucks a bottle.

9.  Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss || I don't wear lip gloss often, but when I do, it's this.  I own this in Rose Pearl and it is the perfect color for my complexion.  My best friend gave me this.  She bought it, didn't like the color on her, gave it to me to try, and I fell in love.  (Thanks, bestie!)  While this doesn't last as long as I would like it to, it does seem to stay on longer than the Avon and Cover Girl lip glosses and sticks I used to use. 

10.  e.l.f Eyelid Primer || You must have eyelid primer!  I didn't know about eyelid primer until I was trying to figure out how to keep my eye shadow from wearing off two hours after applying via Google.  Lo and behold, I discovered eyelid primer and this stuff is amazing!  It's cheap, easy to apply, and your eye make-up stays put all day.

11.  e.l.f Essentials Professional Complete Set of 12 Brushes || I bought these brushes to replace all my old Avon brushes and they have worked like a charm.  They are easy to clean, soft, and get the job done.  I probably need to replace them before too much longer.  They are also a steal for $12! 

And that is what is in my make-up bag!
What's in yours? 


  1. OOOH! I thought of a fun tip! You can go to Sephora and ask them about any products you're interested in, they will apply it for you, show you how and show you the related products-- you don't necessarily have to buy them. If you want, you can go to your favorite store and look for something comparable. I did this with my brow gel, pore concealer, mascara, lipstick... um... pretty much everything. Though, I loved the products they showed me so much that I ended up buying them. Honestly, many of the prices are the same as Target or Walgreens unless you go for some of the higher end stuff. If you join their free rewards program you get tons of free products and rewards. It's definitely worth it and everything I've purchased there has lasted a really long time.

    If it's intimidating, just walk through the door, find the first employee, and ask them to, "show me how to woman....?" It totally worked for me :-D <3

    - Linny

    1. HAHA! This is BRILLIANT! I may totally have to do this! I have always just walked right by Sephora without batting an eyelash because I didn't think I could afford the stuff. I was also majorly intimidated because, well, hello? This is me we are talking about here. I will probably have to go in there and ask them to show me how to woman. LOL! I love that phrase...I'm going to have to use it whenever I can now. LOL!

  2. heheh You totally should!

    <3 Linny


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