Wardrobe Staples: Tops

Tops.  Ah yes, tops.  Of course they are a staple, right?  We gotta have 'em to keep the girls covered.  Tops are great, but do you know what kind of tops you should have in your wardrobe?  No?  Good. Then you won't be bored reading this post. :)

I used to just buy tops.  Whatever I liked and fit, I bought it.  So, I usually wound up with a bunch of tops I could only wear for one particular occasion.  That's never good because then you say, "I have nothing to wear!" and you end up buying a new outfit that is suitable for the occasion that you never wear again.  

When you shop, be mindful of what you are looking at and what other occasions you can wear the particular piece to.  That is the biggest rule I have when I shop now.  Always ask yourself where else you can wear it to or what else in your closet will it work with.  You save money that way and you save yourself some tears, trust me.

To tame ourselves, I discovered six different tops that you should have in your wardrobe before you go top crazy again:
  • Basic white tee
  • 1-2 neutral colored tops
  • 2-4 solid colored tops in colors that look good on YOU
  • 2-4 patterned tops in patterns YOU love
  • Chambray shirt
  • White button down
I will briefly explain each piece, and at the end of the post, you can go check out the How to Style Wardrobe Staples board on Pinterest I created just for this series so you can see how to style things and get the creative juices flowing.


Find you a nice, white, basic tee that you can pair with a denim jacket, a blazer, or a cardigan. BWTs look great with jeans, skirts, and sometimes, you can even throw them over dresses. You can even add scarves and statement necklaces for fun touch. The sky is the limit with BWTs. Go get you one! Now!



For starters, when I talk about neutrals, I'm talking about the colors black, grey, white, and shades of brown running from dark brown to beige. You need one or two of these in your wardrobe. I usually buy black, white, and grey tees and tanks. Neutral tops are good for layering or they can be worn alone with some fun accessories.



Solid colored tops are great for adding some color to an outfit.  Got a black pants suit?  Dress that baby up with a blue or purple top!  Or yellow!  Or red!  Got a patterned skirt?  Throw some color on top! Whatever suits your fancy, dress those boring 'ole outfits up with some color!  You want 2-4 solid colored tops that YOU feel good in.  Confidence is a big key in fashion.  You have to feel confident in what you are wearing and, only then, can you rock any outfit you choose. 



Oh patterns!  There are those that shy away from patterns and, let me tell you, I used to.  I was afraid of them.  I had maybe one or two patterned shirts in my wardrobe at one time, but that was it. Recently, I have started seeing more prints and patterns that I like and it has gotten me to re-evaluate my stance on patterns. Some of my favorites right now are polka dots, small floral print, gingham, and chevron.  You need to have 2-4 patterned tops in your wardrobe.  Just like the solid color tops, make sure they are things you like and colors that look good on you so you can rock it!



I love these shirts.  I love these shirts so much I have been looking for the perfect one to buy for the last six months.  I still haven't found it yet, but I won't give up.  I'm concentrating on color-it has to be that right shade of blue for me.  I'm kicking myself for getting rid of the one I had in high school.  It was perfect.



This is pretty much a given, right ladies?  We all need the classic, white button down top.  The great thing about the white button down is that it can be styled pretty much like the basic white tee.  Wear it with a maxi skirt, wear it with a pencil skirt, wear it with jeans, or wear it with shorts; any way you wear it, you will be sporting a versatile and classic piece.  Also, pairing a white button down with a blazer or a sweater is a very classic look that can go a long way with accessories. 

Alright-that is the "tops" portion of the series.  If you have made it this far, thank you so much!  These types of posts tend to be lengthy, add in that I am a rambler, and I know it can be painful.  So.  Now, that you are finished, head on over to our special Pinterest board for this series and check out more outfit inspiration!  Feel free to pin what you love and share this post with all your friends!  Let's all get our confidence and sass back and help one another while we do it!

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  1. I have the hardest time finding tops! I don't know what looks good on me.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. I was that way too for a long time. I have a short torso and I am 5'1", so I tend to stay away from the high-low tops for sure. I like empire-waisted tops, basic tees, and any kind of peasant top on myself. I'm also fond of slouchy tees (haha!), but aren't we all? I would just go with a friend and try on a bunch of different kind of tops and see what works best for you. You have got to be comfortable in it. And hey, it's okay if the hottest trend doesn't work well on you, find something else that is uniquely YOU and ROCK IT!

  2. Great post! I have so many neutral tops I really need to find some with a cute pattern for spring!


    1. Thanks Jill! Yes-patterns are in right now-especially florals! Get you some, girl! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you will continue to follow me and this series!


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