Throwback Thursday: Writing Style

Even though I'm doing Blogtember, I still wanted to make sure that everyone got their weekly dose of Throwback Thursday.

I like going through my old writing and picking which one to share with all of you or the week.  What impresses me is that I can remember most of what was going on in my life when a piece of written.  I am bad about journaling, always have been, but my creative writing seems to mark points in time rather well.

Here is another poem this week.  This one was written in the summer of 2010.  This is one of those release pieces; which are things written to mark specific feelings, emotions, etc.

This one is all about letting go of my past.

June 4, 2010

So few years lived-
But I feel its been so much more.

From then till now has felt like a lifetime already-
With only certain moments I want to keep.

The rest has been purged
And is awaiting the driver
To take them to their final resting place.
Where they will no longer remind me,
Or haunt me,
Of who and what I once was.

I am a different girl now
And I don’t need those memories,
Ill-fated serenades,
Hanging around my soul.

What’s done is done
That is that
Life moved on
(Too quickly it seems)
I didn’t think it would

In moments of despair
Trial and tribulation

I survived.

You told me I wouldn't.

You wouldn't recognize me anymore-
I prefer it that way.

Blend in,


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