Words of Wisdom (Blogtember: Day 3)

Today's Prompt: 

Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

I am always hesitant to give advice, however, I believe I have a few good pieces of wisdom under my belt from the past ten years of life.  There have been many things that I have taken away from my experiences in this life and I truly believe that I went through those things to help someone else who may need it.  Sometimes we end up being martyr's.  It happens.  That is life.  

With all of that being said, the biggest piece of useful advice I have is to live.  Live your life out loud.  Don't be afraid of the naysayers.  Don't talk yourself out of things.  Just be yourself and live.  Do things, see things, experience things.  You are given one life and it is yours to do with as you wish.  Learn from your mistakes.  When you get down, get back up.  Keep going.  Keep living.  Make you proud of yourself.   Love with your whole heart, even if it shatters.  There is beauty in the breakdown.  Rebuild yourself and live some more.  You want to use everything that was instilled in you at birth to it's fullest extent and arrive at the end of your life completely spent of all that was given you.

That is a life lived out loud.  


  1. love it!!! you really do need to go out there and just soak up life. that's what it's here for!
    Helene in Between

    1. No sense in wasting what you were given, right? Thanks for stopping by Helene!

  2. This is a brilliant piece of advice. Being yourself is so important, it took me a long time to realise this. I used to try and be what I thought others wanted me to be but it just doesn't work. Thanks so much for sharing this excellent advice. :-)

    1. Ya know, I still have problems being myself. I think that's part of life, too, is just having those struggles with ourselves. That makes us real, though. That makes up our lives. Thanks for stopping by!


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