The Month of 30: 30 Things I Love (Week 1)

Hello and welcome to the first week of The Month of 30 series!  I am so glad you are interested in who I really am, where I have been, where I want to go, and how I got to be where I am today.  If you are a first time visitor to the blog, please go here to find out what all of this is about!

Today, we are going to talk about things I love.  Some of the following are obvious, but there are some that really make me me and, if what I have been told is correct, they are some of things that people love the most about me.  So, grab a cup of your drink of choice, settle in, and let's get to it!
These are in no particular order:

1.  (This one is a given) My daughter, who wasn't supposed to be here.  You can read more about that here.

2.  My husband.  I think I got pretty darn lucky if ya ask me.  Actually, I am one of the luckiest girls on the planet.  :)  He's my best friend, my biggest fan (next to my mom, of course), and still thinks I'm pretty after a really long day with our daughter. Ha! You will get to find out more about him and our relationship later this month. :)

3.  My "boys".  Before I became a mother and a wife, I was an early-20s, soul searching, college dropout, and depressed girl. It was recommended that I get something to help me get out of bed every day.  Well, one led to two and then, heck, ya can't have two and not have three!  So, I have three boys...

4.  The internet.  No, really.  I love the internet.  So. much. useless information!  Keeps my mind busy for HOURS!

5.  Books.  Ohhhh books!  The photo below sums it up nicely: 

6.  Sunshine.  I need it.  I asked E last week if we could move to Florida.  I think he actually considered it for a few it snowed for twelve hours straight....

7.  Flip flops.  A girl can never have too many flip flops.  I don't like shoes.  E doesn't like it that I go outside barefoot so I decided that flip flops were the way to go.  Yea, he doesn't like that idea either.....or, well, his wallet doesn't.....But seriously....I can hear my toes screaming in shoes....Ugh, poor piggies!

8.  Down comforters.  I have had to give up my love of down comforters.  I have my own personal furnace now so I don't really need one, I suppose, unless I wanted a sauna too....which I don't really....

9.  Photography.  I love to take pictures and edit them.  I really want a D-SLR.....I'm still working on that one...

10.  Antiques.  I love old things.  Old photographs, old furniture, old dresses, old home decor....I'm talking the 1930s to the 1970s especially.  Seriously, if I could have a house with a malt shop, I would.

11.  80s movies.  John Hughes was a genius!  Which leads me to....

12.  John Cusack.  E jokes that if Megan Fox ever showed up at our door, he would leave me for her.  Well, if John Cusack ever showed up here...sorry babe!  He reminds me of...

13.  Edgar Allan Poe.  If I could some how make it to where I could have dinner with him, I would.  I just want to pick his brain....and have him sign a copy of my Poe collection....and bring him home and put him in the corner of our house...with a raven....and have him recite "The Raven" to me at various points in the day....Okay, that's enough.

14.  Joyce Carol Oates.  I met her.  L did too, actually, since I was six months pregnant at the time.  I went to a reading she did at one of the St. Louis County library branches.  It was awesome!  I was an idiot too...I told myself I wasn't going to be "that fan", but I ended up being "that fan."  You know, you go up to the table and have practiced this wonderful monologue that doesn't include anything about how you are their biggest fan and you just loooove everything they have ever written, and once you get up there you say, "OMG!  I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!  I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WRITTEN!"  Yea, I totally missed my chance at being an author there.

15.  Marilyn Monroe.  She is misunderstood.  I want to have lunch with her and go shopping and drive around in a classic convertible car.  She would have been my best friend, I think, if I lived back then...and she wasn't famous.

16.  Deep conversations.  Yea, I love those.  Those are good.  You know those ones you seem to only have with your spouse or best friend or heck, sometimes they even happen in a group of friends?  I love those.  Those fill my heart.

17.  Quotes.  Oh man, you should see some of my books.  They have things underlined, boxed in, writing in the margins...I have notebooks full of quotes....I have a folder on my computer that is just quotes...I am a quote collector.

18.  Words.  Yes, words.  I love them.  They are so powerful.  It's amazing how they can do harm, uplift, inspire, crush, heal, etc.  They do all sorts of things.  

19.  Music.  Ohh let me tell you about my music collection!  Um, it's massive.  The last time I checked my iTunes, I had enough music to play for three day's straight.  It's not one set genre either, I listen to everything.  Music is definitely something I go to if I need to think, heal, be comforted, or let myself be angry.  I spent many, many, many nights driving around listening to music when I was younger.  Eric and I spent a lot of our first few months dating doing just that.  There are certain songs that I will hear and they put me right back in a moment in my life.  For example, "Passenger Seat" by Death Cab for Cutie totally puts me in the passenger seat of my car, riding on 94, back in 2005.  ...And now I need to text my husband....

20.  The way the air smells after someone cuts the grass and the rain is moving in.  That mixture puts me on my parent's front steps.  That smell is always home.

21.  Wine.  My best friend and I can solve the world's problem's with two wine glasses and a bottle.  We've done it several times, but the President still doesn't want to hear our solutions.  Go figure.

22.  Friends.  I have a very small group of friends, but I love them dearly.  I would be lost without them...and probably insane....

23.  My family.  Most of them accept me for who I am, which is lovely.  I am a strange bird, so I am sure it can be difficult for them at times.  I think most of them have finally resided to the fact that I am just me and that is that.  Take me or leave me.

24.  Putting on pajama pants/comfy pants after a long day.  This may seem strange, but I can always fix my attitude with a pair of comfy pants after a long day.  No, really, you should try it some time.  Work got you upset?  School got you upset?  Anything that has you upset?  Come home, strip off those clothes that soaked in all that bad energy that day, take a deep breath, put on a pair of comfy pants and a comfy t-shirt, and I promise you, you will feel one hundred times better.  Glass of wine optional. :)

25.  No car payment.  I, personally, haven't had a car payment in about five years.  Some of you are laughing at me, but I bet some of you know what it feels like to not have a car payment and the utter joy that goes along with that.  I know that will come to an end some day, but I am loving it and enjoying it now

26.  Herbal Tea.  You should see one of my cabinets in my kitchen.  It is full of all kinds of herbal tea's.  I love them.  They taste so much better than coffee (IMO), they are good for you, and they go great with a good book after a long day.

27.  Small details.  I notice things others don't.  I look for the "different" or the "extra" everywhere I go.  

28.  People watching.  Have you ever just sat somewhere and watched the people around you?  I like to watch people and learn what their actions, body language, and little ticks mean.  That's how I learned about people these past thirty years.  I will elaborate more on this later, but if you haven't really watched the people around you, you should.  You can learn a lot.

29.  Classic cars, specifically Mustang's.  I have a really, really big dream of owning one some day.  (Well, a new one and a classic one.)  I only watched Gone in 60 Seconds for Eleanor .  For real.

30.  The tomb-like quiet in the middle of the night.  You know the way your house feels when you wake up in the middle of the night and everything and everyone is asleep/off/resting?  Sometimes I just lay in bed and  wait for some big epiphany to come.  Sometimes it happens, other time's it doesn't.  The darkness and I, we started a relationship a long time ago.  I am not afraid of it because I know what truth's it holds, what lesson's it teaches, and how comforting it really can be.  

And there you have it! This concludes the first post in the new series!  Come back Thursday for a look into my childhood. 

Until next time, 
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