Dear Martin

Martin Richard
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Dear Martin,

Last night, I wrote a letter to your Mommy.  I wanted her to know, from one mother to another, that she wasn't alone.  I wanted her to know that there are good people in the world and we do care.  I didn't know who you were last night, but now I do.  I promised your Mommy that I wouldn't forget her or you.  Now, that I have seen your face, there will not be a day that goes by that I won't think of you.

Martin, honey, I know it may have been scary and maybe you hesitated a bit before following the other's, but by now, you have probably figured out that Heaven is a pretty cool place. I am sure, by now, the other's have showed you that you can still play ball and laugh and ride a bike.  You may have even figured out that there are other children there to play with.  I'm sure you are having fun.

I know you miss your Mommy and Daddy and your siblings and your friends.  From what I understand of Heaven, the great thing about that place is that, you never grow older than you were when you arrived and you can always see whoever you want at any given time.  I'm sure that makes you feel better, too.  So, go ahead, peek in on Mom and Dad from time to time, they will probably notice your presence even though you aren't physically with them.  That will be a great thing for them.

The Richard Family
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Martin, don't be sad when you see Mommy or Daddy cry.  I know that will be hard, but you will see them again someday.  You will get to hug them and kiss them and you will get to read a book with them again.  You will play catch with Daddy again.  You will even see your friend's and siblings one day, too.  They may look a little different, but you will know them.  The heart always knows.

We are sorry down here on Earth, Martin.  Sometime's things don't make sense and we have to do the best we can with the information we have.  People are going to try really hard to make sure the person(s) that did this horrible thing are brought to justice.  I know all you wanted to do was see people run and spend time with your family.  I'm sorry that someone messed that up for you.  I am so sorry that all you wanted to be was a normal eight year old little boy and someone decided that your life was worth messing with.

Martin, I have friend up there. I talked to her this morning, briefly, and I think she is going to try and find you.  You will know her when you see her: she has a huge smile and it will make you feel better; it always did me.  She's sad too.  She wishes that thing's were better down here for those of us still here, but she keep's telling me to hang on, keep hope.  So, that is what I tell everyone else to do:  hang on, keep hope.  In time's like these Martin, that is what we have to do.

Hang on and keep hope.

Martin Richard
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Rest easy sweet boy,

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  1. Sara, that was beautiful. I hope this little boys mom sees this. She will be touched. I know I am. You have me bawling right now. I love your work. Keep doing it. R.I.P Martin! You will be missed by many..

  2. Thank you, Lawonda! :) I hope these letter's find their way to this family and they are comforted.


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