Throwback Thursday

Here's a little something to break up the monotony!  How about a.....


Since I just wrote about my teenage years , how about some more pictures from way back then?

From Left to Right:  Spring 2000 (Junior Year), Spring 2001 (Senior Prom), H.S. Graduation 2001, and sometime early in my college career.

Thanks to Jean over at  What Jean Likes (and all of her lovely hosts and co-hosts) for providing the opportunity for another blog hop!

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See you all tomorrow for Favorite Things Friday! 

Until next time,

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  1. Love the prom dress! It says 2001. :)

    Thanks for linking up.

    1. Doesn't it though!? LOL! My dad almost didn't let me out of the house in that! HA! Thanks for stopping by, Misty! :)

  2. Following on Facebook. Best wishes. Linda


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