Mommy's To-Do List

Today is Monday and, whenever I need to start something new, I do it on a Monday.  Why?  Because it is the beginning of the week and what better time to begin something than at the beginning of the week?

If you read my last post, then you know that I am ready to become more than what I have allowed myself these past several months.  So, when brainstorming about how I wanted to go about this, I made a list.

(I love lists.  Seriously.  I even get excited to make a grocery list.  We all have our quirks....)

So, this list.  This list is fabulous.  It is my spiritual  list.  My individuality list.  My ME before MOMMY list.  This is the list that I will look to every week  to ensure that I am being the best ME I can be so I can be the best MOMMY I can be.

There is but one rule:

I have to do at least half of the list every week.

When I wrote this list, I not only thought about all the things I used to do before L, but I thought about the things I missed doing the most.  Some of these are common, other's aren't,  but they are important to me as an individual.

Are you ready to see my list?


Mommy's To-Do List:

1.  Cup of herbal tea in the morning before L wakes up and a cup of herbal tea in the evening  after L goes to bed.

2.  Reading

3.  Writing (Creatively and/or what I am reading about)

4.  Listening to Music

5.  Burning incense.

6.  Controlled eating and diet 

7.  Sleeping and Waking Schedule

8.  Yoga/Meditation

9.  Quiet Reflection (Just written word or music to think and reflect by/with)

10.  More outdoor time

I am very excited about my list!  I have already done some of them this morning and I am feeling a tiny bit better already.  This week, I will also be getting my "before" office finished (basically, I'm setting up a workable space to write until the office is completely done) and I will be setting up an outdoor area for me as well. 

I will be sharing several things with you all as my journey continues.  Please stay tuned to the blog and to Instagram for photo's and thoughts on my journey.  

Here's to individuality!

Happy Monday!

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