Throwback Thursday: Writing Style

It's Throwback Thursday in social media and blog land today, and while I have posted some photos over on Instagram, I wanted to share some older writing with all of you in the spirit of this day. I hope to do this more often.  I found flash drives and notebooks full of my writing when we moved.  It was like hitting the jackpot for me.  I had forgotten about most of them.  I was glad to be reunited with them all, like long lost friends.  

I wrote the following for a Creative Non-Fiction class in 2008.  I had taken a hiatus from school and writing in general and was just getting back into the swing of things.  I don't remember what the assignment was, but I do remember sitting down at the computer and it all came rushing out. That's what I love about writing: the blind release.  

I like to talk about things no one else wants to talk about.  The following shows that a bit.  It also shows that there is way under people's skin than just muscle and bone.  

Two Sizes Too Small
She has never been an ugly girl.  Her personality outshines anyone in a room and she has the biggest heart in three counties.  She is the only daughter and the middle child between two boys.  She has, whether she will admit it or not, been a daddy’s girl from the day she was born.  She can bake anything with her eyes closed and always answers her phone, no matter the day or the night.

            But, she’s never had it easy.

            In life, as a society, we have seen the cruelty or people.  We have seen people shun others for many things-religions, political stances, or lifestyle choices.  We have watched in horror as some of our veterans, who fought for our freedom and do not have any unhealthy dependencies, live in hell on a street corner.  They beg for our compassion, our help, and we turn a blind eye.  We watch animals, on their death bed, look at us from their cages and beg us with their eyes, “It’s too late for me, but please don’t let another suffer.”  We see children peek out at us from behind their mother’s legs, dirty, starved, and cold, while she exchanges cash for her fix. 

            And, in the midst of all this disgust, the world still finds a way to turn their noses up at people who can’t control what they look like.  Never mind that they have had every medical test known to man, that they've tried every diet (sometimes twice), and they've exercised until they fall over in tears because they want it so bad.  As a society, we still find a way to make them feel like garbage. 

They want so bad to look like you they can taste it.  They stand in dressing rooms and choke back the tears because the same thing they tried on last week, doesn't fit now.  Even though they have watched every thing that has gone in their mouth and they have exercised twice a day for a week just so they could fit into that one item.  They walk out and look at their best friend and throw the garment over the rack and say, “Whatever.  I didn't like it anyway.”

But the best friend knows that they just heard a heart break on the other side of that dressing room door.

She has a name.  She has a social security number.  She pays her taxes.  She is an American citizen.  She has two cats and a handful of friends.  She works hard for what she has.
But America shuns her because she’s overweight at no fault of her own.
She’s beautiful on the inside and that comes through to the outside.  She carries herself well and she takes the time to look nice every morning, but American still shuns her.

America makes her buy two seats on an airplane.
America makes her pay more for her clothes.
America takes one look at her in a restaurant and automatically assumes she wants larger portions.

She has had doors slammed in her face, she has been made to look a fool by men, women have scowled at her and talked behind her back and the general population of the world turns their nose up at her.

But she still smiles and she still laughs despite all the torture she’s endured. 
She still gets’s up in the morning and contributes to the society that treats her like crap. 

Because that’s what she’s supposed to do. 
Because those people don’t matter. 

What matters to her is that she can still wake up in the morning, feed her cat’s, and enjoy the sunshine another day.  What matter’s to her is that she is loved by her family and her friends and that they are there for her no matter what size she may be.

The rest of the world can go to hell as far as she’s concerned.

And it probably will if this kind of across-the-board mentality doesn't stop.

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  1. Umm.. I absolutely LOVE this! SO MUCH! I love to sit in coffee shops and write whatever is on my mind kind of like this. This writing style is incredible.

    Love your blog girl!

  2. Haley, thank you! That was so sweet! I am heading over to check yours out now! Happy to have you here!


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