Update on Me Before Mommy Journey

I realized a few days ago that I hadn't had the chance to update you guys on my Me Before Mommy Journey!

I would like to say that it is going....okay.  Remember my to-do list?  Well, I refer to it a lot, but I have been a little sloppy with the execution.

For about a week there, L and I went outside a lot and it was great!  However, the weather turned super hot, I got sick, and L's allergies are acting up, so we have been indoors a lot.  Yuck. I was so much more positive when we would go to the park in the afternoons.  I did notice that.  I have been watching the weather and this heat is supposed to break soon so, hopefully, more outdoor time to come.

I have been doing good with drinking my tea.  My sleeping schedule stinks.  My diet is getting better (I have lost about three pounds), but no yoga or meditation yet.  Bummer.

I did start reading a book of poetry by Robert Frost, but it has been hit and miss.  I have a couple of other books that I have my sights set on, so I am picking those up this weekend to get started on.

I have been listening to more music.  I discovered that L enjoys the heck out of my Pandora stations, so we rock out to those frequently.  *ahem* Specifically, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked.  Mommy belts it out and L jumps up and down, claps, and squeals.  I enjoy it because soon she will realize Mommy can't sing very well anymore! HA!

I haven't written anything else in my journal, but I am working on my quiet reflection moments.  I am also still trying to get my office figured out and I would love to set up a little nook for me to just sit and reflect in.  A nice comfy chair, a good pillow, a warm blanket....Mmmm.....Still working on it...

So, all in all, it is going okay.  I have lots of room for improvement and I just keep trying.  I have noticed here lately that I am very snippy because I haven't been able to take time for myself to do the things that are important to me.  That's my cue.  Time to get back on track!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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