Love Them While You Can: Lessons in a Parking Lot

Recently I was reminded of how fleeting childhood is.  As mothers, we tend to get caught up in the phases our children go through; wishing for the end to arrive quickly and painlessly.  We have been through many phases already with our two year old; each one more complex than the last.  It can be mind-numbing.   It can make you wish their childhood away.

Over the weekend I was reminded to not do that.

It was a typical Saturday morning (meaning we were running behind, Mommy hadn't had any coffee, and the toddler was being her stubborn self) and our goal of the day was to do the grocery shopping.  I finally got both of us ready, out the door, and to our local grocery store.

As I was getting my daughter out of her car seat, and older man passed by us in the parking lot and he smiled, laughed, and said, "Love them while you can!  Mine will be forty-nine in a couple of weeks!"  I smiled and laughed and off we went into the store to do our shopping.

The mans words echoed through my head the whole morning..."Love them while you can..."  

I wish I would have thanked that man for his advice instead of brushing it off like I have been known to do.

How many times have we heard that?
How many times have we been given advice in a store from a complete stranger about our children's immortality as a little human?
How many times have you smiled, nodded your head, and uttered, "I'm trying.", as you pass them by?

I've lost track.

But, on that Saturday morning, standing in the warm sun with my daughter, looking at this older man, a part of me knew that those words would embed themselves within me.  It was the moment.  It was the way it was done.  Almost as if the universe just plopped that man down right in front of me and said, "Listen to this.  Carry these words with you."

"Love them while you can..."

Yes, sir, I will.


  1. Such words of wisdom. It is so hard to not get caught up in the phases, but getting reminded every now and then to just stop and enjoy it while we can is great!

    1. Thank you Heather! I definitely need those reminders from time to time.


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