Too big. Too soon.

When L was born, I remember hearing "Enjoy it! It will go by so fast!" from countless people.  In the midst of three-four hour feedings, diaper changes, and getting to know our daughter; the last thing on my mind was enjoying the moment.

I was not the Mom that sat and rocked her baby for hours on end.  Did I rock her and stare at her cute little face and marvel that she was ours?  Yup!  Do I think I missed out on an important piece of motherhood by not doing that?  No.

I have watched our daughter sleep, I have paced with her in the wee hours of the morning to calm an ear ache, and I have celebrated milestones with her.  I have taught her things, I have loved her, nurtured her, praised her, secured her environment, and protected her from day one.

And in the midst of all of that mothering, I got a two year old.


I was watching L play at the park the other day.  She had said,"I do it, Mommy," when it came to playing this particular day.  So, I took a seat on the playground ledge and watched my "big girl do big girl things." I watched the way she climbed the steps, carefully, yet with just enough comfort to not scare her.  I watched the way she made her way to the slide, stopping to yell, "HI MOMMY!" just before she ducked into the opening of the slide.  Lastly, I watched as her face lit up as she made her way down the slide.

It brought me such joy to watch her.

I miss my little bundle who fit so securely in the crook of my arm.
I miss her first giggle, her first coo, and her first words.  
I miss the baby smell.


I would not trade my two year old for the world. 

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  1. Awe :-( I now know how you feel! Even though Jordyn is only 6 months old she is already taking on "Big girl things"! It's only going to get worse! Miss Lynzi is such a sweet, funny, caring, smart, and beautiful little girl. You and Eric are awesome parents to her and she loves you both very much!


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