Favorite Things Friday: Week 10 (Fun Friday Blog Hop)

I'm so excited that it's the weekend,
I used hot pink on my blog today!

L is going to my parents house for the weekend and that leaves me to fend for myself.
Oh, whatever will I do?
(Actually, she won't be gone an hour and I will miss her.)
But, Mommy's and kiddo's need their time apart-helps build independence
and all that good stuff, right?

I do have quite a full weekend planned.
Friday I will be preparing for a small moving sale on Saturday.
Saturday is the moving sale, weather permitting. 
(Please no rain!  I want this crap GONE!)
Sunday I will go down and pick up the kiddo 
and spend some time with the parents. 
It will be a good weekend.
Busy, but good.

For this week's favorite things, I am linking up with the Fun Friday Blog Hop
Anne and Rea are hosting this week,
and they have a co-host, Zina!

I love doing blog hops! 
I meet so many interesting people that way!

And now...
Onto the favorites!

L to R: Murphy giving some rare cuddle time, a random bird perched on our garage and that quote came to mind, and L enjoying her bath time.

Sadly, that's all there was this week.
This week kicked my butt, honestly.
I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Have a great one lovelies and I will see you all back here Monday!


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  1. New follower from Fun Friday Blog Hop!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen! I hopped on over to yours and became a follower, too!

  2. What a cute blog! Newest follower here... I was kinda hopin' you'd pop by my blog and follow me back!

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah! I am now a follower, too! :) Have a great weekend!


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