The Year of Elmo

I just can't believe it guys!  Our little girl is turning 2 at the beginning of July!  Ahhh where did the time go?!

This was last year

Now, look at her!

She has learned so much this past year and has really grown!  Her personality is starting to show and boy, is she a firecracker!  Her Daddy and I are so proud of her!  She is the light of many peoples lives and can make a complete stranger smile or chuckle.  

One of the things she acquired this year is the recognition and love for characters.  So far we like Snow White, Caillou, and.....

Yup!  The little red furry monster who has a pet goldfish named Dorothy and who converses with a man by the name of Mr. Noodle.

We love Elmo up in this house.

The world stops for Elmo in this house.

Well, Daddy says, "Baby girl get's what she wants," so, at the end of June, we will be having an Elmo party!

I am actually pretty excited to plan it.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have gotten a lot of good ideas!  

Elmo is a pretty popular dude, so there is a lot of ideas and decorations to choose from.  Those are some of my favorites and that will be making an appearance at her party.  You can see the rest of my Pinterest board for her party here.

So, while packing and moving, Mommy will also be planning a birthday party for the Elmo lover in this house. :)

Stay tuned for tutorials on some DIY projects I have planned and the party itself!

Until next time,

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