Style on a Budget: February

Happy March everyone! As I write this, we are awaiting yet another polar vortex to come crashing into our state and freezing everything for a good portion of the week.  Yay.  I'm so over this. I'm over it.

Anyway, despite the crappy weather, I am here today to talk about clothes!  (Everybody say YAY!) I have a new thing I'm starting on the blog and I have waited a whole entire month to write this post.  I'm nearly bursting at the seams here!

 I caught a post a couple of months ago from Marissa over at The Modern Austen and it caused a very large light bulb to go off in my head. Marissa does a post at the end of each month documenting her clothing purchases for that month. She has a budget, she breaks down what each piece cost, and how much she spent overall for the month.  Genuis!  Then, she takes her post and she heads on over to see Franziska from Franish and links it up with the rest of the bloggers who do the same thing!  Double genius!  They call it budgeting bloggers!

All of these findings got me thinking about when I purged most of my wardrobe and was left with virtually nothing.  Ah, see, now it's all starting to come together as to why you haven't seen a style post from me in a while, right?

I talked to The Hubbs and he agreed on a monthly budget for clothing for me.  I kicked off February with my clothing budget and spent half the month figuring out what to buy.  Ha! Next month won't be like that-I already have ideas! :) 

I kept it simple this month because I really needed to get some basics (and by that I mean I bought socks and sports bras...I'm not joking.) I was testing the waters a bit, but I knew there were pieces that I needed to replace in my wardrobe that were important i.e. socks and sports bras. 

Enough of this chatter!  Gah!  Here are my February purchases!

(Not pictured...because...really...) 
Package of your basic, run of the mill, no show socks $6.00
3 pack of your basic, run of the mill, sports bras $7.00

Budget for February: $100.00
Total Spent: $77.48 
Leftover: $22.52 (Which I turned around and spent on the kiddo.  She was in need of some new pants and shirts because she won't. stop. growing.) 

I think I did okay this month.  I needed those plain crew neck tees.  I purchased a blue one that I wore here and a black/white striped one (worn here) over the summer and loved the quality so much, I knew I wanted more.  They are thick and they don't loose their shape after washing.  However, they do shrink at least one whole size, so, order up! I ordered a large and it looks massive out of the bag, but once you wash them, they are, well, the perfect tee. :) 

I splurged on the clutches.  I am tired of carrying my big 'ole bag with me when it's just The Hubbs and I.  If we don't have the kiddo there isn't really a need for it. These clutches will work well for date nights and, every lady needs at least a black clutch, amIright? 

The scarf, flips (or flops...I use them interchangeably), and the random v-neck tee were all, "Oh hey, I like those, lemmebuythemnow" purchases.  Every year I purchase black and white flips from Old Navy.  (I've done it since college.  You can't change me.) While I am sad that they changed them, they still work okay.  It just takes longer to break them in.  Meh. The scarf I just couldn't pass up.  I totally have an outfit in mind that uses that scarf and I can't wait to show you guys.  I have caught myself just randomly putting the scarf on throughout the day.  Just wearing it makes me happy.  That's a good scarf, ya'll. 

Okay!  I'm done!  Geez, I'm so sorry!  Next month won't be near as long!  If you have actually made it this far, you are awesome.  I love you.  Bless you.  

Have a great week guys! I will see you later this week!  I have a couple of other posts planned for your entertainment! 

This post is liked up with Franish and the rest of the Budgeting Bloggers. 


  1. These are great! They're all classic pieces you'll be able to wear over and over without them going out of style. Great job budgeting!
    Visiting from the link up :)
    Exploring My Style

    1. Thanks Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to do this every month.

  2. I really need to focus more of my budget on some basics rather than just fun stuff! Congrats to coming in under budget during your first month. That's awesome!

    Style Diary

    1. Thanks Katie and thanks for stopping by! I don't have a choice right now-I need everything! I just stared with basics because that was the easier place to start!


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