March Budget

Target got all of my money in March, I can't even lie.  I bought all you see here in the first two weeks of March.  The last two weeks, I didn't buy anything.  I was too sick (and then, the kiddo) to even care about my wardrobe for the last two weeks. I am hoping April is better and I can really start getting my wardrobe amped up for Spring and Summer.

What I Bought:
1.  Black and Blue Maxi Skirts (Target $17.99 ea.) 
2.  Coral and White Striped Maxi (Target $17.99)
4.  Leopard Heels (Target $14.98 ***CLEARANCE***)
5.  Leopard Skinny Belt (Target $5.08 ***CLEARANCE*** )
6.  Wide Brown Belt (Target  $3.55 ***CLEARANCE***)

Budget Breakdown:
$62.66 (Online Target Order) + $41.32 (Target Store Purchase) = $121.97
$150.00 Budget - $121.97 = $28.03 Left

Overall, I am pleased with what I bought.  I want to make a note that the two belts above were on clearance at my local store.  I know the link is listing them online at full price-I have no idea why.  Anyone know how Target works?  Ha!

There are a few things in my head to purchase for April, one of those being a chambray shirt.  I want one.  Very badly.  I keep seeing them styled all over Pinterest and it's making me long for my own.  I'm also going to purchase a new pair of black flats.  I am ashamed of the condition mine are in.  Ugh.  They are so bad.  So, those are two for sure things I am looking for this month.  I can't wait to see what else I can come up with!

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  1. love the leopard print heels & belt! they are on my list ;-) have a great day!

  2. That belt is exactly what I need! About to hit up some targets hoping to find one.

  3. Target clearance never matches the online price. It's so weird! I'm just glad to find things cheaper in the stores!

    1. Now I know to always check the store out first before I buy online! Thanks Andi!

  4. Target has maxi skirts for that cheap?! Oh my gosh, must make a trip out there!

    1. Yes they do! All kinds!! I bought mine online and they were that cheap!


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