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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog, Life & Leopard! do you like the new look?  Take a minute to browse around and get a feel for the new look.  You are going to notice that some links are dead links-I know and I'm sorry! I am still trying to get things transitioned over to the new blog address, so bear with me on that.  Hopefully I can have that all taken care of by the end of the week!

First off, I want to give a HUGE shout out to Jessica Lynn from Creations by Jessica Lynn.  She is the one that did this whole entire layout for me.  Her process was super easy and she's a dream to work with.  She was even nice enough to offer a coupon code for all my readers who may be in the market for a new blog design, social media buttons, or even some handmade goodies from her shop!  Go on over and check her shop out and if you see something you like, she is offering 10% off using the coupon code LifenLeo until April 23!  So, go check out her shop and get you a little discount!

Secondly, this space is now more of a lifestyle blog where I will jabber on about finding my style again, the kiddo, how I get my craft on sometimes, and how I go through phases where I think I'm a goddess in the kitchen.  As for more of my introspective writing, that is all going to be done here.  (I know, it's a little dead over there right now, but that is my next project to tackle.)

Lastly, you all have been really patient and I thank you for it.  I am still in the process of changing social media over so please be sure you are following me, in some way, other than Facebook.  I will be shutting down the current Facebook page and opening up a new one.  I realize I have almost 600 likes on there, but I don't know how many of them are actually genuine, if you know what I am saying.  As bloggers, we get sucked into these link ups and giveaways and we go through and like all these blog pages on Facebook and then half the time, we don't even look at the page again.  It's kind of silly.  Besides, I would rather have 75 interactive Facebook fans than 7500 silent ones.  :)  I'm not about numbers.  I'm about having fun!

And that's all I got for you today!  This week I am looking at posting another spring must-have for your wardrobe post, so be looking for that!  I am currently in the throes of a sinus infection, so I am not going to promise anything else this week.  That way, you'll be surprised. :)  Have a great week guys!


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