5 Key Pieces for Spring Series: Striped Dress

Last week I started this short series in hopes to give my readers a more budget-friendly approach to looking stylish.  I know how I feel when I see something I like in a magazine, only to be completely disappointed by the price tag.  I have always searched out budget pieces, but to those who may have to cut back a little bit or are starting over again wardrobe wise (like me)-this is definitely a series that is for you.

Last week, we talked about denim jackets  and today we are going to talk about something that is most certainly a many seasons piece.  You can't go wrong owning this one.  Dressed up or dressed down, it's the perfect closet staple in general and it just so happens to be hot for the spring time too!  Bonus!

I happen to have a striped dress in my closet.  I bought it last summer on a whim and it hid in my closet all fall and winter.  I pulled it out when I was doing my closet purge and realized I knew how to wear this dress now and I shouldn't hide it. 

Here's a couple of outfit inspirations around the striped dress:

The Red Lady

The Monday Blues

I also just had the crazy idea that you could probably wear a denim jacket with a striped dress and throw on a pair of Chuck's in a fun color with accessories to match.  Ooo, my wheels are turning now!

Tip: I used to freak out about stripes, but then I discovered that different kinds of stripes look
different on everyone.  So, I started trying to find what kind of stripe works best for my body shape and I discovered that once I found the right kind,  I loved stripes!  My body shape is slightly curvy (ya'll...I got hips...) so a small to medium black stripe works best for me.  I'm short (5'1") so a vertical stripe works best.  Don't be afraid to try on 15 striped dresses until you find one that makes you go, "Alright....this is not so bad..." 

As a side note before I sign off, I am hoping to start doing more outfit posts now that the weather is starting to break a bit.  I have purchases and new outfits I need to show you guys! So, be on the lookout for those!

Next week, we are going to see a piece that may not be for everyone, but that could be fun on the right person.  I am not totally sure how I feel about this piece, but I'm going to do a little research and see what I can come up with. :)  Until next time! 

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  1. I love stripes - I posted about them too! They're timeless and can be dressed so many ways!
    Stopping by from Random Wednesday...

  2. Striped dresses are so versatile!! This one is super cute, too.

    1. Thanks Ashley and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Very cute ideas! I have been trying to update my outfits so I will be on the lookout for a striped dress. I really like it with the red accents. :)

    1. I love black, white, and red! I am just instantly drawn to that color combo. Thanks for stopping by Angela!


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