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A few weeks ago, I happened to win a blog giveaway! In that giveaway, not only did I win some advertising for my blog over at Green Mountain Couple and Everyday Life, but I got a $25 gift certificate to Cloud Nine Designz.  Now, I love jewelry!  In a former life, I had tons and tons of jewelry to accessorize my outfits that I wore to work or class.  Sadly, over the years, the jewelry collection has almost become extinct, but I am working hard to replace a lot of it with unique and quality pieces.  

When I read the description that Mandee had written over at Etsy, I knew I would find something right up my alley!  The big keyword for me was "handmade".  That's the best kind of jewelry to own, in my opinion.  A piece of the creator is embedded in the piece that you own.  By purchasing, wearing, and talking about a specific piece, you are helping the creator's dreams to come true!  I mean, wouldn't we all love to be able to have everyone's dreams come true and we could dance on rainbows and eat chocolate without getting fat, and toddler's wouldn't teethe so badly, and....Oh wait...sorry...I got off track there...


You wanna see what I got??

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Cloud Nine Designz 
This is their Teal Turquoise Flower Bracelet.  It is made of  turquoise metal flower beads, turquoise beads, black beads, and stretch string.  Yes, that's right, it slips off and on.  I have very tiny wrists.  A lot of bracelets do not fit me properly i.e. they just fall off, but this one is great!  It stretches enough so I can get it over my hand and it is tight enough that it doesn't fly off my wrist.  With my arms at rest at my sides, it sits very nicely where it is supposed to.


See!?  Tiny wrists!  My mom has them, too!
(And how do you like my hardwood floors?)

Currently, Cloud Nine Deisgnz is having a Christmas in July Sale!  Head on over and save 20% of all items in the store through the end of July!  She has all kinds of things!  You are bound to find something that you will just fall in love with!

Here are some of my other favorites from CND: 

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Stock Photo

If you are in need of a gift for someone or would like to purchase something for yourself, head on over and check out Mandee and her beautiful jewelry.  You won't be disappointed!

Cloud Nine Designz:

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