L's Elmo Extravaganza!

I realize that L's party happened almost a month ago.  I also realize that you may have forgotten all about the party by now.  I had every intention of doing a post a few days after her party, but I was still cleaning up the house from the party, dealing with some minor setbacks, and generally I was just really tired.  So, the post didn't get done.

Until now.

(I know a lot of you are curious about the Elmo DIY Goodie Bags that I made-that is going to be a separate post.  I am working on that post too and should have that to you all shortly!)

Back in May, I posted a little inspiration board to help plan L's 2nd birthday party and a lot of you were pretty excited to see the final result of her party.  I had some great ideas, I had some not-so-great ideas, and I even had ideas that didn't even get done because I just ran out of time!

Oh well.  You can't win them all!

Anyway, here is L's Elmo Extravaganza 2nd birthday party in pictures!

Favorite Moments:  L clapping her hands and getting excited every time she was asked if she was having fun at her party, the look on her face when she unwrapped the toy horse my parents got her, her excitement over her new kitchen set that E's parents got her, and her riding around on her little Disney Princess Power Wheel that we got her.

We had a really good time watching L be the little social butterfly that she is.  She enjoyed opening presents this year and was very excited about everything she got.  She's plays with everything she got so that is a plus.  Before her party, I did a purge of some toys that she no longer plays with and that made room for the new that came in!

Now to start planning for Christmas.....Ha!


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