DIY Elmo Party Favor Bags

I made these Elmo party favor bags for our daughter's second birthday party.  They were super easy to make and were a big hit!  So, if you have an Elmo fan in your life, this post is for you!

These bags took me about a half an hour to do from start to finish.  I had 8 to do, so not really a large amount by any means.  The longest part was the cutting out of all the pieces. After that I just glued the pieces on in the shape of an Elmo face and done!

Supplies You Will Need:

  • Red bags
  • White, Black, and Orange Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors


Gather your supplies and start cutting out white circles, smaller black circles, a black mouth, and a nose-sized orange circle. Once you have the amount you need cut out, grab a red bag and start gluing pieces on like you see below:

Aren't they cute?

And now you are ready to fill your bags with goodies!
Super easy and fun!


  1. It's very simple and fun! I'm sure the kids will love these!

  2. So cute and pretty simple to make. I think my little one would mind helping me out!

    1. Yes! This would be good cutting and gluing practice!


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