Guest Post: Having Sweet Summer Memories

***Rachael contacted me last month about writing a guest post for the blog and since I am currently nursing a toddler back to health (and sterilizing everything that has touched her mouth the past week), I knew this was the right time to share this.  It's also clearly summertime across the U.S. and what better time to make memories than in the summer? 

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To me, the best part of summer is that the weather is warm so I can head outside. I love doing day trips with family and friends to different areas that I might not get to otherwise. When I was young, there were regular day trips with my friends and my cousins. Now that I’m the adult, I want to do the same with my children.

During the summer, one great day trip when I was young was always down the shore with my cousins. We would leave fairly early and pile into my cousin’s tiny car for the ninety minute drive to the beach. I remember bringing a Judy Blume book with me and would switch back and forth between reading and walking along the shoreline looking for shells.

Another great day trip when I was a teenager was to drive to the lake with friends about an hour away from home. A friend had a boat and we used to drive around and attempt to water ski. I was terrible at it, by the way. I would normally either jump off the boat for a swim or do some fishing.

One of my favorite summer memories was planting the garden each year. The women in my family would plant tomatoes, peppers, and basil, which we would use in cooking throughout the entire summer. It was great to be able to go out to the garden and grab a pepper and tomato for a salad we would have with dinner. Those fresh veggies are certainly missed during the winter!

Even though I don’t have as much outside space as I did growing up, I can still do my best to help my kids make their own summer memories. I am teaching them about gardening in small spaces, showing them we can still have a tomato plant or two and some herbs like I did when I was a child.

I also love taking them to the Central Park and renting a rowboat so we can ride around the lake. There are also opportunities for them to learn about fishing, just like I did as a child! This is really one of my favorite trips with them as we do several park days throughout the summer. Last year I took the most adorable photo of them sitting in the rowboat! I uploaded the photo to and had a custom case for my iPhone made from it. This way the memory of that special day is always nearby.

I can only hope as they get older they still want to do the occasional day trip or outing with their mom and then pass it on to their children when they are the adults.

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