Toddler Christmas Crafts

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday is treating you kindly!  I hope you all got to see Friday's post!  If not, go check it out now!  

Since we've been getting into the holiday spirit around here, I've been trying to come up with things to keep L busy indoors.  (It is freezing here in the Midwest!) I decided to check Pinterest and was suddenly reminded of all the Christmas crafts I used to make as a kid.  Reindeer hands, paper plate snowmen, Santa with the cotton ball beard....there was so much....and so many different variations!

So, if I'm having problems keeping my kiddo entertained on these cold days, I know someone else has to be, so I did us all a favor and rounded up some crafts for us to do!

I think L and I are going to try our hands at the paper plate snowman and Santa, the paper chains, and possibly the reindeer ornaments, if we have enough time.  However, paper chains can be made at any time, with different colors, for any occasion.....  

Hmm, decisions, decisions....

What are you doing with your little ones to gear up for the holiday season? 


  1. These are so helpful, thanks for sharing! My son can't really do much now, but I'm sure next year we will be crafting away! Pinning this for later!

  2. It's so hard to keep toddlers busy, but these are great! Simple enough that they can do them, but fun enough to keep them (and me) occupied for at least a little while. We are going to need some of these toddler crafts over the Christmas holidays!

    Debbie @ One Little Project


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