Operation: Get Out of Yoga Pants (Week 7)

Hello everyone!  Happy Thursday and welcome to the seventh week of Operation: Get Out of Yoga Pants!  If you are just joining us, you can go here and find out what this whole thing is all about. For those of you that are frequent readers, this week is going to be a little different.

I hit a snag in my outfit planning....

I got bored.

So, immediately recognizing what was wrong, I decided to give myself this week to re-focus.  How am I going to re-focus you ask?

That's easy.

I'm going to use the wonderful powers of the one, the only.....

I decided to go back to my Style Ideas bored and take a refresher course in what I had been pinning lately.

one || two || three || four || five

Okay, I see stripes, patterns, navy blue, burgundy, my ever-favorite mustard, and beautiful shades of the red family.  I can see my love of stripes starting to really grow here-I want that shirt in the first pic so bad!  The patterns are startling to see me pinning, but the colors are not.  I love all colors....but have a hard time getting them to work on me sometimes.  

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday rummaging through my closet and trying to come up with variations of the outfits above.  I was having a difficult time at first because I was so blocked off from thinking out of the box.  I finally just sat down on the floor in the mess I had created and just looked around at the clothing scattered everywhere. 

Then it hit me:

I am missing a lot of basic clothing essentials.

No wonder I can only go so far and then hit a wall!

By the time nap time was done (those are my productive times) all I had was a mess and no outfits to show for it.


I am having a mental block of epic proportions!

So, I decided to ask all of you...

What would you like to see me in? 
Visuals welcome. :)


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