Operation: Get Out of Yoga Pants 2013 Re-Cap

What I decided to do for today was a re-cap of all the outfits I have done in 2013. I've only been doing this series since October, but I have quite a bit of outfits documented.  I like re-cap posts because they give me the ability to reflect on how far I have come and where I want to go with things in the future.

 I will start the series back up after the first of the year.  Since it's the holidays, we are gearing up to be pretty busy the next two weeks, so I need to focus on all the holiday hubbub that is coming soon.  This will also give me a chance to recharge and reflect on where I want the blog to go in 2014.

I have about four to five more posts planned for the year, so make sure you pay attention to Facebook for those new post announcements!

And now I present to you.....

Week 1 || Week 2 || Week 3
Week 4 || Week 5 || Week 6

I look forward to bring you more ways to get out of yoga pants in 2014!


  1. I've enjoyed this series. It's too easy to throw a pair of jeans or yoga pants on and schlep around. Like you, I have to challenge myself a bit (I'm also missing, or bored with, a few basics...need to work on that).

    1. Hello Lydia! It is VERY easy to just throw on those comfy clothes! I can't lie-I am currently sitting in comfy clothes right now, BUT I try to only do that once or twice a week since I have started this series. (Some days you just NEED comfy clothes. Ha!) Thank you for stopping by! I will have a new post up in this series this week so watch for it! :)


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