Turkey Salsa Burgers

How's everybody doing today?  We have been staying home a lot here lately due to the cold and snowy weather that we keep getting.  I've kept myself busy purging, organizing, and cleaning all kinds of things.  I am determined to get some order going on in this house.

I've also had time to go through some of my recipes and pick some different things to show you all on the blog.  Casseroles do tend to get old, am I right?

How about a healthy burger today?


I used 'healthy' and 'burger' in the same sentence.
Trust me.
You'll love these. 

I found and pinned this recipe months ago from SparkPeople and had only tried it once before making it last week.  The first time I made this recipe, I used the frying pan method in the directions.  This time I used my Foreman gill** and it worked much better for me.  I don't like the idea of popping grease with a kiddo running around, but that's just me. 

Turkey Salsa Burger

1 lb. lean ground turkey
2/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs (I used Italian)
4 tbsp. chunky salsa (I used Mild) 

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and salt and pepper to taste.
Divide into four patties.
Spray a frying pan down with cooking spray and cook over medium heat until thoroughly cooked; flipping once about half way through, about ten minutes. 

**When using the George Foreman grill, I sprayed the grill down with cooking spray and cooked two at a time for the same length of time, flipping at the five minute mark.  Grill times may vary.  Mine is older than Moses. 

I served these on regular hamburger buns because I didn't get to the bakery section in time to get the "good stuff".  :( I always try to serve whole wheat or whole grain when I make things that require a bun.  It just tastes better to me and it's healthier. 

I also served these with a pasta salad, making me feel like we were already in spring, and thus making me feel better about the weather for the duration of the evening.  Then, it snowed. Again.

I think these would be great with avocado or pico de gallo on top.  Even your traditional lettuce and tomato would be great. I ate mine with a smattering of ketchup and mustard.  The hubby ate his with ranch because I was out of mayo by the time I finished the pasta salad.  Oops! He said the ranch was good though!

What are some of your favorite ground turkey recipes?

This post is part of the From My Kitchen series.  Please feel free to browse the archives for more yummy deliciousness!


  1. These turkey burgers sound amazing - love that you combined them with salsa!

    1. The salsa really does give it a nice flavor! Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

  2. Mmm. What a great combo! Thank you for linking to the Weekend re-Treat Link Party.


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