The Unintentional Break

Let's talk about what happened last week, shall we?  We are going to refer to last week as "The Unintentional Break".  What started off as a normal Monday off, quickly turned into Tuesday off and then it was just over from there. 

Along about Wednesday morning, I realized that the universe was trying to tell me something when I said, out loud in the shower, "Screw blogging this week.  I just don't have it in me." 

I love to blog.  I love talking to you guys about fashion, style, and how not to break the bank re-vamping your wardrobe.   I love trying new products and writing about them in hopes that it will work for someone else and make their life easier.  

However, I haven't had much of a creative writing outlet lately.  I've been putting a lot of energy into this blog because it is my baby and I love her and she needed attention.  Well, I burnt myself out.  I burnt myself out and the universe was trying to tell me to stop for just a bit and re-group.  So I did.

During that time, I decided that I was going to have to start putting more work into my other dreams, the largest of those being a published author.  There are many emotions that come along with that big dream, and they have been a bit hard to work through this week.  The biggest thing is fear, but I am aware of it and I am working to get through it.  

So, last week was a decompression week and now I am back here and blogging.  I have the wheels turning and I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere this week instead of stuck and behind.  

My biggest goal right now is getting two weeks of blog posts written and scheduled so I can take two weeks and focus on writing for a new venture of mine that has been sitting and waiting patiently for me to pay attention to it.  

So, here's to new starts and new posts! 


  1. Sometimes we need a break. I was working on launching my self-hosted blog this month, so I just did not have the creative energy to post on my old blog at all in May. Glad your back. :)

    1. I have been reading a lot of that lately! A lot of bloggers either didn't post or posted very little in May. It must have been the month! Lol! I am glad to have gotten back into the swing of things. I hope I can keep the momentum going.


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