Imperfect Me (Being Real)

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure how I wanted it to look, feel, say, etc.  I set out into the world wide web looking for ideas.  As I stated before, I wasn't too thrilled with what I was finding.  Why do so many people feel the need to hide, why show the world only the good side of things, or why be a hypocrite?  Seriously, it's boring and, done enough times in succession, people begin to wonder just how real you are.  They start to question your integrity.  People start to wonder things about you.  They lash out, they dig for things on you that they can use against you, they stop trusting you.  So, why not save everyone the trouble and just be REAL all the time?

The only thing I can think of is this:

It's scary.

Hey you, yea, you.  The one who just cannot fathom the idea of the world knowing you are imperfect.  I was once you.  Here is a piece of advice: Let go.

I used to worry about what people thought about me.  You know where that got me?

Depressed, unsatisfied with my life, and nowhere.

I used to be surrounded by people who I thought were my friends.  They took advantage of me.  They got angry when I fought back.  Guess where they are now?

Still living their fake lives, with their fake friends, and their fake existence.

That makes me sad.  They haven't become liberated like I have been.  They have to want it though, and clearly, they don't.  Well, okay.  If you want to live that way, okay.  I am not the one that has to look at you in the mirror every morning and face your demons.  I am not there.

I am here, enjoying every aspect of my imperfect life.  I am concentrating on being real with the people who deserve me at my best imperfect me and still love me at my worst.  I am concentrating on showing my daughter how to be real, to be herself, to embrace her uniqueness.

My journey is not over though.  I am still discovering me and how to be the best imperfect me there is.  Once you let go of being perfect, you can begin to become real.  Being real is a really great thing, you know.  It means you are honest, an open book, free.

Who doesn't want to be free?

Challenge:  For those of you that feel you may need to let go a little bit, this challenge is for you! Perhaps you feel like you are uptight in your daily life, or you are actually worried about what certain people think of you, let go just once this week.  Say something you normally wouldn't say to them or in their presence, let a house chore go for a day, let your children play longer before bedtime, let them make a mess for another minute....just let go.  Then, once you have conquered that, challenge yourself to do more.  Let it go!  Liberate yourself!  Please share your experiences here on the blog in a comment or at our Facebook community.  You can even email me!

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