I Am Not.

Whoa, it's been awhile!  I don't like going this long without writing, but it has been kind of crazy around here with the move and all.  To bring everyone up to speed, we have moved into a much larger place and have settled in quite nicely.  The kiddo now has her own room and is sleeping (peacefully!) through the night.  We are onto table foods and no more bottles.  This last success of baby girl's was met with excitement and sadness.  I was ever so glad to get rid of the bottles and formula, but it was just a painful reminder that, she is no longer the little tiny newborn I could have SWORN she still was.  She's a big girl now.  She turned 1 on July 2 and we are working on walking.  We are terrified of the vacuum and of automatic car washes, but love to chase the cat's around the house and pick out our own clothes. Every day is something new.

So, while she is napping, Mommy has time to catch up on all kinds of things.  Normally, I would clean or do laundry, but today I decided to blog.  It has been awhile since I did something for me in the realm of writing and I got something to actually say.

Today I realized I am not.  Yup, I am not. Before you jump on me about my sentence fragment, let me explain myself.  I think everyone reaches a point in their life where they are constantly asking themselves, "Who am I?"  I know I have been.  With the move came a different path than I thought I was going to take after I graduated with my degree.  Instead of gearing up to teach my first classroom full of angst-filled, English literature hating teenagers, I am a stay at home mom.  My day is filled with our daughter, housework, and errands.  It is a HUGE change from what I was used to, but it has been a welcomed change.  I struggled with it at first, but once we got a routine going, it's a piece of cake.

Sometimes, after baby girl goes down for a nap or goes down for the night (8pm bed time!  Oh yea, I'm the master!) and the hubs isn't home from work yet, I find myself thinking while I am cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, folding laundry, or whatever else I need to do before I can relax.  "Who am I now?", I ask myself.  I got nothing.  The only thing that reverberates through my head when I ask that is, "A mom."

So, today, after having an interesting comment conversation on Facebook, I realized something.  I may be a stay at home mom with a degree that took me ten years to get, but I am not the following:

-A label whore (Don't get me wrong, I have some very nice name brand things, but they were gifts from the hubs usually.  They don't MAKE me.  I OWN them as OBJECTS.  Because that is what they are-objects.)
-An attention whore/drama seeker

And I am sure I could go on and on.

The point is this:  While I may not know who I am at this point in my life, I sure as hell know who I am NOT and I thank God every day that I am not someone who people want to punch in the face for being the things listed above.

So, think about yourself.  Would you want to punch YOU in the face for the way you act, speak, and think?


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