#LiteraryJunkies: August Edition

While I haven't been doing much blogging lately, I have been doing a lot of reading.  I set a small goal for myself this year to read 20 books and so far, so good.  I have a stack on my dresser of books that I need to read, so I should be good until Christmas.  (Hint, hint...anyone?)

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I am so glad I got back into blogging right before #LiteraryJunkies kicked off for the month.  I love to talk about what I have been reading and get other book recs that I may not have been aware of.  I'm always up for trying out a new author or genre....except for raunchy romance.  Nothankyou. 

Anyway, here are this months questions: 

1.  What are you reading?  Tell us about it.  

Since I haven't been around much, I'll just list what I've read recently and link you to the Goodreads synopsis of each one.
All of these books were fantastic!  I would recommend any one of these to put on your to-read list.

2.  Do you read one book at a time or multiple books at once? 

I usually just read one book at a time.  I don't do well with reading multiple books at once as the story lines seem to get jumbled in my head.  I prefer to concentrate on one piece of work at a time.

3.  What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

Probably The Little House on the Prairie series. I remember those vividly and wish I still had those copies.  I am not sure what ever became of them. 

4.  Do you prefer a physical copy of a book or an electronic version?

I have recently started using the Kindle app on my iPad to read some of the books I get for free from BookGorilla.com.  If you haven't checked that website out yet, do so.  They will send you a daily email of ebooks that are either free or cut-throat cheap!  I stock up all the time!  Ha!  I am okay with either version now, but I still like seeing my favorite books on my bookshelf. :) 

5.  What are three books on your "to be read" list? 

And there you have it!  Lots of books to choose from here if you are needing some suggestions.  Have you read something I have?  Wanna talk about it?  Leave me a comment-I love to talk books!


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