Mommy vs. Toddler

Disclaimer:  I'm whining today.  I'm whining about my child today.  This is my space, I do what I want, and today, I whine about having a toddler.

Oh boy.  The terrible two's have hit our house.  As in, I swear L just woke up one morning and decided that, for however long she deemed fit, she was going to give Mommy a run for her money.

I'm exhausted.

She's stopped sleeping through the night-sometimes waking up two or three times a night.  All she wants is to  be tucked back in.  This morning she wanted a story at, no kiddo, Mommy was practically comatose and we do not read stories at 4am.  We sleep, thank you very much, I love you, good night.

She woke up again at 4:45 just to say HI!  Literally, I opened the door to her room, she said "HI!", ran back to her bed, crawled in, and waited for me to tuck her in.


(Sidenote:  The only reason I get out of bed to check on her is because she is crying.  It's crying that worries me.  I don't like crying toddlers in the middle of the night, especially when they have had ear infections out the wazoo like our child has.  I always go to a crying kid in the middle of the night.  Especially if she has been a good sleeper up until this point.)

Oh and let's not forget to mention the full blown temper tantrums we have throughout the day over what's on TV, one of the cats is on the couch, Mommy goes to the bathroom, or her sippy is empty.



Where did my good-natured, happy-go-lucky, little girl go?  Who is this child that has inhibited my daughter's body and refuses to leave or give me a friggin' break!?

I have found myself drinking two to three cups of coffee a day versus the one I used to have in the mornings because I seriously feel like I can't function nor keep up with her.  At night, I just sit on the couch, and just.....sit.  I can't think.  I can barely have a conversation with my husband because I am still reeling from the twelve previous hours of full blown toddler hell that has taken over our house.

I'm crabby.  
I'm irritable.  
I want to sleep for a week straight.  
I want to pee alone.
I want to watch what I want to watch on TV.
I want to to have my own temper tantrum and have someone appease me for a change.

Most of all, I just want someone to listen to me.
I just want someone to hear what I am saying.
I just want to not feel so alone, like I have, for the past week and a half.


She's pretty cute, isn't she? 

Thanks for reading today, guys.  I know it's pretty crappy sounding, but I'm just tired and frazzled.  I hope someone else can relate.  I also hope that I may give someone the feeling of not being alone in their struggles with their toddler.  

Maybe we can be friends.
I don't have too many of those left.

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