No Mo' Drama

This is the quote that started my "simple" life almost a year ago. (Simple is in quotations because no one's life is simple, especially if you have a child or children.)

One late night, after all the homework was done, I was aimlessly wandering around the internet.  A friend of mine on Facebook posted this exact saying and a light bulb went off.  Let me give you a back story:

I lived with a friend at the time.  We had been friends for nearly eight years.    I found out I was pregnant while living with this friend.  After my pregnancy announcement, our friendship went downhill. It became unbearable to live with her.  She spent most of her nights out of the apartment and me, having already lived the crazy life, was a homebody.  I was perfectly content in my room, with my computer, books, and cats.  She stayed out late, came home drunk sometimes, and various other things happened and it's all basically irrelevant.  It was unbearable.

The girl was a magnet for drama.  She didn't know how to keep her nose to herself and was constantly in everyone else's business. Also, the friends she had (I use that term loosely because no self-respecting individual would have some of these people as friends.) just added fuel to her fire.  Something was always "wrong" in her life.  Something was always in chaos.  Something was always amiss.

Let me say at this point that it was not pregnancy hormones.  While some of my outrages probably were pregnancy related, I had put up with her crap for long enough and she had some of it coming.  She did.  I did all the housework, I made sure the mutual bills got paid, and I made sure there was food in the house.  She was a slob and a baby.  It was like raising a teenager.

This particular evening that I found the above quote, her and I were barely speaking.  I was seven months pregnant and just wasn't in the mood for her crap anymore.  I had secretly been looking for a place for the husband (then the fiance) and I to move to so I could get out of there.  I had stopped talking to her about these things because, every time I did, she got insulted and mopey and said I was ruining her life.  Yes, I was ruining her life. Oh please.  Save it.

Fast forward to the end of May/beginning of June: I packed my crap up and left.  The day I was moving out, she had her mother and grandmother come up and supervise my moving out.  I am pretty sure it was to make sure I didn't take anything that wasn't mine.  Oh please, she didn't HAVE anything that I wanted.  The day I was moving out, I got blamed for the mess in the apartment, how filthy we were living, and that they were going to sue me for everything I was worth.  Basically, it was drama that I didn't need being super pregnant and an emotional wreck about the whole damn thing.  I knew then and there that the friendship was ruined.  She had fed her family and her "friends" a line of crap and they had bought it hook, line, and sinker.

She threw away an eight year friendship so she could be the center of attention.  Again.  As always.

I should have known.

I haven't spoken to her since.  I refuse to speak to her.  I refuse to speak to anyone even remotely associated with her.  I do not want her around me or my daughter.  I don't have time for people like her in my life.

My life has been so quiet!  I no longer dread waking up in the morning and I never worry anymore about what my text messages are going to say when the notification goes off.  My life is peaceful and I am peaceful.

I have never felt guilty about the choice I made to leave.

Life is too short to be unhappy.

It's really too short to let other's make you unhappy.

Are you surrounded by people who make you laugh, are supportive, and would do anything for you?


If you hesitate to answer the above question with a yes, maybe you need to evaluate who you have in your life.

I know it did me a world of good.


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